UNIVERS(E)ity 2013

To The Zolder Museum Supporters, Followers, Friends and Family,

From 28 August to 1 September 2013 The Zolder Museum organized after-summer school called The UNIVERS(E)ity. We welcomed 10 international artists, curators and art students with whom we worked for 5 days on 3 different locations: the Zolder Museum served as space for the drawing workshop by Isfrid Angard Siljehaug; The Garden House in Sloterdijk where UNIVERS(E)ity was hosted by the artist and gardener Gert Jan van Gennip served also as the location of Snejanka Mihaylova’s class. For the last three days the location was the Beauty Salon in Ferwert, Friesland where we were hosted by Louwrien Wijers. It was the home to Rory Pilgrim’s class and location on which Louwrien Wijers, Egon and Iva Supic Jankovic gave their presentations.

At this moment we are working on the UNIVERS(E)ity’s post production, which will result in a series of presentations and a publication.

For now we would like to share the photo documentation of the events which mark the beginning of the UNIVERS(E)ity adventure. Please follow the links on the left side of the website , Class 1, 2 and 3…


Yours in Life and Art


Class photo of teachers and learners wearing sweaters from the FASHION OF CHRIST, fashion collection made by Iva Supic Jankovic

Participants (students and teachers)

Rodrigo Albornoz , Bastien Gachet, Didi Lehnhausen , Just Quist , Eric Peter, Mitchell Thar, Olga Trevisan, Melissa Tun Tun, Eline Bochem, Gert Jan van Gennip, Snejanka Mihaylova, Rory Pilgrim, Isfrid Angard Siljehaug, Iva Supic Jankovic, Bojana Panevska, Egon Hanfstingl, Louwrien Wijers and Aimee Zito Lema.