…take courage; the race of men is divine

 As part of the Constant Change the Zolder Museum transformed from its museum form into the fashion form; The Fashion of Christ is now formally doing the work which was for two long years appointed to the Zolder Museum.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the form- the museum- for serving its purpose of being my personal joy-ride.

The Zolder Museum is keeping its name; from this moment on the Zolder Museum becomes a series of publications which will be published in the following 6 months by 6 anonymous visionaries.


From 1st March to 1st September 2014, The Zolder Museum is renting a silk screen studio in order to produce the Fashion of Christ and ZM publications.

The studio is offering printing services (orders of flyers, posters, magazines, and clothing) for reasonable prices to the third parties.

Love U

Your EX-Director and All-of-Yours Present MODEL

photos by Darija Jelincic and Milos Nesic

All rights reserved FoC

Love, Shit and Masturbation

January 2014, 1646, The Hague

Lecture about Love shit and masturbation by Iva S Jankovic.

The lecture was part of one day solo exhibition by Hannah Dawn Henderson titled But, actually, what I meant was…

 But, actually, what I meant was… is part of The Ongoing Conversation, a series of six one-day events in 1646, The Hague, by students of Master Artistic Research.

photo by Nico

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