Basel: Project LISTE 17

Project by Rebecca Stephany


For Sale.
You are invited to purchase a piece of REBECCA STEPHANY,
WORKS 2006 – 2012. A section of your choice is cut out and
mounted on a custom-made stretcher frame – chopped from
wooden battens and hand-crafted in situ. Its maximum size of
35 × 45 cm (13.8 × 17.7 inches) will comfortably fit any carry-on
luggage. Each piece is signed, numbered and comes with a
specifically designed certificate in a transparent plastic bag.
The starting price is 12.5 Rp. (0.125 SFr.) per square centimeter.
A sample calculation: A piece size 30 × 40 cm has a surface of
1200 cm² – 12.5 Rappen multiplied by 1200 equals 150 Swiss
franc. With each sale, the base price per cm² is raised by 10%:
110% is 13.75 Rp./cm², 120% is 15 Rp./cm², 130% is 16.25 Rp./
cm² etc.). The name of each respective buyer and selling price
are announced on the LED-board at the workshop-store.
The total proceeds will be shared 50/50 with Zolder Museum,
Amsterdam ( Board member Isfrid
Angard Siljehaug will be assisting Rebecca Stephany in the
on-site production.
Credit card payment only.
Rules and prices may be subject to change.
Rebecca Stephany
Doppelwörter aus: Bilder, Bedeutung, Austreibung, Produktion
Tuesday, June 12 to Sunday, June 17, daily from 2 pm, at the
as part of Gibst Du mir Steine, geb ich Dir Sand, Performance
Project LISTE 17, curated by Burkhard Meltzer