Director’s Cut

Amsterdam June 2012

Under the guidence of spiritual and artistic freedom

Introducing Love as Novelty

Welcome to the third issue of the Zolder Museum Paper, HERMES dedicated to art education and all its devotees who plant seeds of love instead of doubt. To nourish a generation of artists who love themselves and their art would be a great novelty, to say the least. To understand the eternal characteristic of the words we share among us regardless their quality; that the world we see is the word we speak and that these two things are always inner-connected. These principles should be intertwined into every human being who calls herself/himself a Teacher of Art and who needs to ensure only one degree- the
Degree of Enlightement. The same is essential for every Student of Art. Heal yourself first and the healing of the entire Universe will follow. The purity of Heart in Art.

It is dedicated to the minority, to one person rather than to all; the one person dancing in the center of the earth –not whining on the social margin. It is dedicated HERMES, the God of Wisdom, Word and Magic, Transformation and Transaction, whose archetype survived centuries of spiritual slaughter so unnatural yet so common for the human kind. It is dedicated to Imagination and Creativity as human’s main vehicles in the eternal ride. It is nostalgic and visionary at the same time. It is not a secret that contemporary society (contemporary art) for which we are educated for lacks a thing or two. In my humble opinion (as (i)rrelevant as any other!), what we all miss above all is honest belly laughter. And what we definitely do not miss is another mediocre discourse, which is pressing down on our third eye, stopping our natural growth, turning us into intellectual midgets and threatening our sense of humour. Contemporary art must make space for honest belly laughter, which has higher healing properties than critique, irony or politics. If used properly rather than abused, art can create a
space, a field of immanence (IMMANENCE!!!!), on which higher state of awareness can occur. Art for the spirit. Spirit for the mind.


The magic in contemporary (art) world is possible but it can only happen in the crack between all possible worlds, where no experience of reality is taken for granted. The crack is the field of possibilities, where the potential of the whole universe lays, no restrictions, no definitions, no formalities, and no distinctions. The crack is the root of magic.

We can do magic tricks.

Yours Truly and Forever
The Museum Director

written for the 3d issue of the ZMP