When you sell the stuff you’re fixing, solo exhibition by Christian van der Kaap

18/06/2011- 03/07/2011

Opening 18/06/2011 at 9 PM

Things you do and don’t understand. For three years I have been using this phrase to strengthen the purpose I give to my work.

Aswering to the feeling of responsibility to those people and things who are not quite within my reach. One that gives
way for the almost spiritual drive to make, in between doing and work.

It was three o clock in the night when I sent a text message to Iva Supic-Jankovic responding to her invitation to show my work at the Zolder Museum reading:

‘When you sell the stuff you’re fixing, meet soon.’  Coming up with a title, which in my work is always paired with annoying excitement everyone has to be informed with.

But it also meant I struck the point when the work is no longer in my hands. When you sell the stuff you’re fixing is the title for a show that enabled me to reflect on the responsibility and the integrity of a work. But actually it was a frank realization my (side) job in the bike shop (www.bikeplanet.nl) was getting a stupidly serious part of my life.

When you sell the stuff you’re fixing is a strange and stumbling response to those people taking the effort to go back to the shop and ask the person responsible for explanation. I tell them it’s the things I do and don’t understand- normally, that didn’t seem to work. This time however, I ain’t asking others to cover for me. But I ask them for a gesture and they end up telling me what to do…

(Not only time has taught me the importance of telling who they are)

*David Kaus and Denis French of the National Museum of Australia, Melbourne. For replying to my every enquiry about the ‘interactive object from the indigenous section intended to give visitors some experience in using grinding stones.’ (www.nma.gov.au)

*Ewa Perlejewska of Olctyn, Poland – Ceramist, Porcelain specialist

*Lanfranco Sernesi from Monaco Metropolitano of Florence, Italy. Traditional solutions to the contemporary needs of workers, students and travellers counting on the research for harmony to resolve any apparant contradiction (www.monacometropolitano.com)

*Mark Palmans from Atelier L’ombelico, Neerpelt, Belgium – Letterpress, roadsignals, cavedrawings, 3d chrome, afro art, references, contact (www.letterzetter.be)