DICED ICE, frank madersloot featuring george brecht, 2012

november 2- december 8-2012

We are happy to announce the opening of DICED ICEfrank mandersloot featuring george brecht, 2012, a new installation work by Frank Mandersloot that will be exhibited in the Zolder Museum.The work consists of nine different chairs and text collages, all designed and constructed by Mandersloot. Three chairs are placed around a table, three chairs are placed in front of three walls, and three chairs are placed one after another. The text collages are hung on the walls.

The exhibition can be visited on appointment zoldermuseum@gmail.com

Several meetings will take place on invitation.

DICED ICE is based on George Brechts’ event score THREE CHAIR EVENTS  . Sitting on a black chair  Occurrence / . Yellow chair. (Occurrence.) / On (or near) a white chair.  Occurrence / Spring, 1961, a small card from Brechts’ Wateryam, first published in 1964. DICED ICE is dedicated to Wim Crouwel, whose NEW ALPHABET from 1967, a typeface with a low readability, but with a strong resemblance to the construction of the chairs, is used in the text collages (see typeface of the title above). The text collages make references to eastern philosophy (an important source for Brecht) and to Gertrude Stein, Wittgenstein, Rietveld, Judd and Weiner. A book on a table in the exhibition shows the relationship between the text collages and text fragments from several books, all available in the library of the museum, in the same space.


The event score THREE CHAIR EVENTS was only realized once by Brecht in Martha Jackson Gallery, NYC in May 1961, as ICED DICE. In an interview with Irmeline Lebeer from 1973, Brecht says about the event scores: “The work is a research project on the relation between things: objects with each other, objects and events, scores and objects, objects and styles and so on. (-) Certain proposals I’ve realized myself, others no. If the spectator prefers the object to the idea he’ll make a choice. He can also realize it by himself. (-) Their meanings are a collection of all meanings that people give them over a period of time, no doubt that changes from time to time and from person to person. The objects them self change a bit. Their interrelationships change.”


Frank Mandersloot previously exhibited other works based on Brechs’ event score, such as THREE CHAIRS 1996 in SMBA, 1996, THREE CHAIRS FOR GEORGE BRECHT 2009, in Rijksmuseum Twenthe, MUSICAL CHAIRS 2011, during A FLUX DAY in Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, and  GEORGE BRECHT THREE CHAIR EVENTS, spring 1961 / 50th ANNIVERSARY 2011, together with Harry Ruhé in Galerie A, Amsterdam.
The viewing of the exhibition is possible by making an appointment via email zoldermuseum@gmail.com or by calling +31(0)634271848

Contact person:

Iva Supic Jankovic
Director, Zolder Museum