CLASS #3 and Lectures by guest teachers

On the third day of the UNIVERS(E)ity we traveled to Ferwert in Friesland. We stayed there for 3 days, camping, eating and sleeping together. During our days in Ferwert, following events took place:

Rory Pilgrim
Class: The loss of hope is more than the loss of everything

Rory’s class started with a walk to the sea…

Egon Hanfstingl
Class: Cooking Together, fresh food for fresh thoughts

Every day we cooked and ate together following Egon’s thoughts on food and art.

Louwrien Wijers
Class: Science is the past, Art is the present, Food is the future

Portrait of Louwrien Wijers by Didi Lehnhausen

FASHION OF CHRIST by Iva Supic Jankovic

Interwoven within the first UNIVERS(E)ity program, museum director Supic Jankovic presented her new fashion collection: The Fashion of Christ. Based upon acceptance of duality and in order to have unity, the fashion line embodies the heart of the UNIVERS(E)ity’s program: to question, to teach and to learn from what is within ourselves. The fashion line is a way to take the Zolder Museum outside of the physical space. Fashion is to embody and become. It is a space where the human inhabits material and image with themselves and others in the world. As part of the university a photographic series was produced of students and teachers showcasing the new collection.