20/04/2012 at 9pm presentation evening ZM@1646; special super star surprise; ZOE KATE REDDY singing for the Zolder Museum under the roof of 1646

Neptune, the planet of Dreams…

Photos from the presentation…

The performance was composed as a reading session in which following texts were used: Director’s Cut, from the first issue of the Zolder Museum Paper, Zolder Museum’s astrological profile (included in the first issue of the ZMP), The Neptune Files by Tom Standage about the discovery of the planet Neptune, which was the first planet discovered by the mathematical calculation instead of observation. Last text which was read was a text by Terence McKenna from his book Archaic revival.

Final words:
Neptune was discovered as a mathematical formula; Neptune’s discoverers had to believe there is a planet out there, a planet they can’t see and their discovery was based on that belief. The Zolder Museum had a lot to do with dreams and with belief. The Zolder Museum is literally a dream come true; not in any romantic way but it is a dream becoming reality by every step it takes. In order to have dreams one needs to believe in those dreams and belief is a motor behind an idea of the Zolder Museum. This being said, I would like to propose belief for the first pillar of the Zolder Museum as an art institution. It means that you believe even when you cannot see, because you know that by dreaming and by believing you can create the life you want and produce your own real…
There are some things that we can never do in the Zolder Museum because it is, after all, a private space; it is my house. So any loud performances or music are not possible. I would like to use the opportunity of being in this public space to invite Zoe Kate Reddy, one of our shining stars, to sing for the Zolder Museum under the roof of 1646.
Zoe steps on the small pedestal in front of the ZOLDER MUSEUM letters and plays one song she wrote for the Zolder Museum.